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一、trouble you trouble 英 [ˈtrʌbl] 美 [ˈtrʌbəl] n.麻烦;故障;烦恼;动乱 vi.烦恼;费心 vt.麻烦;使烦恼;折磨 We have supposed we will not trouble you again. 我们认为我们不会再麻烦你了。 二、bother you bother...

直译应该是Sorry to have troubled you. 其实一般不用trouble,一般“劳烦您,有劳您”,直接就说It's very kind of you.或者It's so kind of you as to do sth for me. trouble所指的麻烦是指闯祸之类的坏事。

麻烦你了 在向别人请教时可以说 excuse me ,或者 sorry to bother you 请教完后可以说 thanks 或 thanks for your time. 恰巧 What a coincidence! 或者是 it happend(s)(ed) that...

很抱歉给您带来不便/麻烦英文:Sorry for the inconvenience 例句: 1、We are very sorry for the inconvenience. I am weary of hearing about your problems. 很抱歉给您添了麻烦。我听腻了你那些麻烦事。 2、We are sorry for the inconveni...

Sorry for the inconvenience! 这个最好了。不过你的也行。

Would you please do me a favor? Can you do me a favor? Can you give me a hand?

Sorry to disturb/trouble/bother you,.. 但一般用在一句话的开头 后面讲需要麻烦的事

Could you please hurry up a bit? Please hurry 按照国内英语老师的教法 听起来像是礼貌的,单实际上之比 Hurry up! 稍微礼貌一点罢了, Please hurry 显示出你的不耐烦。

多谢你这么费心…… Thank you for going to so much trouble to do… 例如: 1. 请不要为此费心了。 Please don't trouble about it. 2. 请不要费心了。 Please don't trouble. 3. 多谢你这麽费心找到了我要找的东西. Thank you for going to so m...

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