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最初订购支付、分期付款、加上零售价的92.5%的批发价和对供应商的订购rebills金额高于40美元,最少的一双长袜收费1 美元。 订购rebill金额低于40 美元的订购, Click银行 从供应商那里订购rebills的批发价是零售价的90.1%。 由于是分支机构组织...

Sorry! You give the price is too low, my cost is insufficient, if might my gate finalize a deal by 550usd. May? Anticipated that your incoming letter, thanks!

1. The gym tends to be busy about 6 o'clock during afternoon; 2. This area is unsafe recently, we'd better stay away from here; 3. In terms of sales, they are one of the top-five supermarket of this area; 4. This bedroom also s...

I like a girl, she doesn't love me, but I will not give up! Because I really like! 我喜欢一个女孩,她好像不喜欢我,但我不会放弃!因为我是真心喜欢!

用于现场演讲的话:Let's talking some information about / I would like introuduce some idea of how to make the simple nodern style of interior design. 书面语:The brief discussion of the concis and morden style in interior design

私人翻译,仅供参考。 似乎在将来,这座城市将会受到控告。因为人数在不断上升,未来会有很多的人生活在这城市。 任何一个家庭去住在一个四周都是岛的地方是不可能的。因为没有足够的空间。解决这个问题的方法之一就是摩天大厦之城。在台北的世...

哪一句?还是: 可以帮我翻译一句英文吗 Can you help me to translate an English? Can you translate an English for me?

I'm not the past me . Your world, there are so many, And I, only you. 你好,这是我翻译的,绝对正确,因为我是个外国人啦!(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……


Now the present of her desk told,as she'd never been able to,that she was pleased that writing was my chosen work. 现在她的办公桌提出告诉,因为她从来没有能够,她很高兴我选择了写作。 希望能帮到你,有用还请采纳,谢谢。

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