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be good to sb be helpful to sb sb gets benefit from... 看看你所要翻译的句子,采用合适的单词或者词组就可以了。 kind to sb 2.treat sb well friendly to sb nice to sb。 nice:英[naɪs] 美[naɪs], adj.美好的,愉快的; 正派的; 友好的,亲切的; 细致的; 比较级:nicer 最高级:nicest friendly:英[ˈfrendli] 美[ˈfr&#...

be good to sb be helpful to sb sb gets benefit from.

the highest velocity that it had so far

对某人是一个好名字 The name suits sb.

楼上错了,应该是 be friendly to sb. be kind to sb. be nice to sb.

Mention me to Jack. 向杰克问好。 Send John my best. 代向约翰问好。 Say hello to Mary. 代我向玛丽问好。 Give him my regards, please. 请代我向他问好。 Remember me to your family. 向你全家问好。

Buying gifts for wang hong is a blessing to her. 买礼物给王红是对王红的祝福。

英语是:Be surprised at sb。 例句: RITA: Why are you surprised at me? 丽塔:为什么你对我感到惊讶? The next day, she was still sitting on the sidelines, looked at him, I went over to herlaugh, Zhang took a note to her, she was...

迎合 yínghé [ cater to;serve the purpose of;fawn up;meet] 逢迎,猜测或揣度别人的心意以便顺从或投合

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