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1.The attachment is our latest purchase order, please confirm the price and delivery 2.Can you use the item name and inspection which is wrote in my purchase order,when you delivery goods? by the way, in order to entering wareh...


Dear sir, I have always been honest. You have raised prices a few times, but I never complained. This time it's way beyond my world. Your prices are now even higher than eBay's retail price. I was wondering if you could negotia...

I was planned to pay all the rest invoice for you , but the exchange rate of GBP is too high ,so I'd like to wait for several days that the rate may fall back.

Sewed fano 45, 6155 hirata, minamachi, sakanai city, xiangchuan county, Japan

Dear XXX, Good day! We have checked the bank slip you sent. The amount of our order is XXXXX, but your payment is XXXXX, which is less than 264 USD. I wonder if there is any freight cost. Looking forward to your reply soon. Bes...

A: Do you have any confidence in the examination of all the subjects at the end of the term? B:not so sure A:Confidence does not fail the exam? B:No confidence

直译: 现在成了另一码事--学习成了我自己的事。 意译: 但现在完全不同了--学习成了我自己的事。

dear sir, if you can't get the goods, or if you have any problems, please tell us . We can deal with it through negotiation. Please send me the tracking number before two o'clock pm.

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