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跪求歌名 有一首英文歌词是:哦欧哦欧耶一耶一...


Let me show you the way (Chorus) It's a game that we play Oh everyday so easy Let me show you the way Oh just say what you say So easily (Verse 1) The way of your touch is always heavenly And I love the way that you are lov...


I Stay In Love - Mariah Carey Baby I stay in love with you 亲爱的,我深深的陷入了对你的爱情之中 Dying inside cause I can't stand it 我所有的一切都为你而疯狂,因为我实在抵挡不住这种感觉 Make or break up 无论是承受还是挣扎 Can't ...

Nothing In The World - Atomic Kitten It's been so long I can't remember when 已经很长时间 我已不记清是什么时候 We didn't care how deep it was 我们不在乎那有多深 We dived right in 我们深陷其中 Watching everything around us disap...

Just like fire 爱丽丝梦中奇遇记2的主题曲,应该是这个吧

Oh Come, Emmanuel 播放 歌手:Kelly Clarkson 语言:英语 所属专辑:Wrapped In Red (Deluxe Edition) 发行时间:2013-10-29

是GD&Top的《oh Yeah》

是黎明的《OH! 夜》?

恰克与飞鸟的say yes

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