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in fact, actually


◆在中国,【in China】 我的朋友在中国。她叫张明明 。 【My friend is in China. Her name is Mingming Zhang.】

Clearly loving one person, but I have no courage to express it, I am truly a real loser.

Some people whom you are familiar with turn out to be strangers eventually.

I am really tired being together with you Eventhough you are weak, I felt tired when being together with you. Don't bullshit your way acting strong when you are not. You are a coward, acting suspicious towards everyone especial...


Sorry to forgive me before obviously love but indifferent to this also think can forget but how also can not forget the translation into English we help a busy。 采纳采纳采纳呗

He could get a good math scores, but got very poor, he is very frustrated, but he didn't give up, finally obtained the success.


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