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求大神告诉我歌名 一首黑人男歌手唱的

一定是这首歌没错 Safe And Sound—— Capital Cities 歌词: I could lift you up I could show you what you want to see and take you where you want to be You could be my luck Even if the sky is falling down I know that we'll be safe ...


let me love you Ne-Yo

完美一点 作词:韦礼安 作曲:韦礼安 演唱:韦礼安 分针的指尖 走向12点 命运交给我看破 你美丽的容颜 Oh我的视线 停留在你的双眼 时间怎么变 都变不了我对你的迷恋 分分秒秒的过 我只想对你说 却又不懂 该怎么开口 我只想再完美一点 让你收藏在...

Hymn for the weekend


whistle 绝对正确

John Legend的《All of me》?

是cee-lo green唱的fuck you(又叫forget you)这首歌

Love Me Again - John Newman Know I've done wrong Left your heart torn Is that what devils do? Took you so long Where only fools gone I shook the angel in you Now I'm rising from the crowd Rising up to you Feel with all the stre...

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