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求onE DirECtion几首经典好听的歌

Drage me down 在附件里哦

What Makes You Beautiful Live While We're Young ··········

打单且比较有名的歌: what makes you beautiful gotta be you one thing more than this live while we're young little things kiss you one way or another best song ever story of my life 我个人比较喜欢的歌: moments they don't know a...

成名曲 1,What Makes You Beautiful 2,One Thing 3,Live While We're Young 4,Up All Night 欢快风格 1,Kiss You 2,I Would 3,Rock Me 4,Midnight Memories 5,Stand Up 6,Na Na Na 7,Last First Kiss 抒情风格 1,Little Things 2,M...

one direction代表作品 《What Makes You Beautiful》《Up All Night》《Best Song Ever》《You & I》,在伦敦奥运会闭幕式上,One Direction演唱了代表作《What Makes You Beautiful》。 one direction热门歌曲 01. What Makes You Beautiful 0...

成名曲是what makes you beautiful,我个人喜欢的有抒情的:change my mind,story of my life,over again,summer love,,night changes欢快地有;one thing,midnight memories,steal my girl,no control,where do broken hearts go,na na na,last ...

kiss you Live While We're Young one thing up all night save you ton back for you c’mon c’mon rock me summer love 2012 masketta fall(这首旋律不错,就是一直在哈哈)

我这里有1D全专辑歌曲,都是320k高音质。 One Direction

Little Things 是这个吗?

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