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如果是已经死了多少年,就要表达为 sb is dead for 时间点 如果是单纯的表示已经死了,就是 sb died

the late xxx the deceased

死有很多种说法,最基本的是die,其他的还有: 1、去世,与世长辞:to pass away; 2、寿终: to close (end) one's day; 3、咽气,断气: to breathe one's last; 4、归西: to go west; 5、了解尘缘: to pay the debt of nature ;6、命归黄泉:...

死去的爱情 [网络] FatKan DWOW; [例句]我为你弹奏肖邦的乐曲是为了纪念我那死去的爱情。 I plays for you Chopin's Serenade to mark my lost love.

I am dying 电影》《阿甘正传》里面就这么说的

英语中表达悼念死去的人的说法是: Mourn for the dead. 英语中表达一路走好(对于逝者的祝福,相当于“安息”)的说法有: 1、Farewell to the passed. 2、God bless to the dead. 3、All the way well. 4、May the dead rest in peace. 5、Laid ...

突然死去:die a sudden death

you will become old slowly,then dead.

鱼将全部死去 All the fish will die 重点词汇 全部whole; total; entire; entirely; complete 死去be raised to the skies; drop off; quit the scene; give up the spirit

How many people die in the war? 在战争中用in the war 有多少人用how many people引导疑问句 请参看

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