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死有很多种说法,最基本的是die,其他的还有: 1、去世,与世长辞:to pass away; 2、寿终: to close (end) one's day; 3、咽气,断气: to breathe one's last; 4、归西: to go west; 5、了解尘缘: to pay the debt of nature ;6、命归黄泉:...

die--The man died yesterday. be dead--The man has been dead. pass away 去世,过去了--The man passed away yesterday. go west 去西天--The bastard has gone west. go to heaven 上天堂--The man has gone to heaven. go to hell 下地狱--...

普通用语就说,die 如: "He died yesterday." 委婉的说法:pass away, leave for ever。 如:“His grandpa passed away.” 嘲讽的说法: kick the bucket, 如:“The fat taskmaster kicked the bucket!”

I am dying 电影》《阿甘正传》里面就这么说的

He has been dead for three years

How many people die in the war? 在战争中用in the war 有多少人用how many people引导疑问句 请参看

Let me die quietly.

用英语是:Dead relatives..

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