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问:Do you know I likE you ?

Like a person away because of concern about her (him), because a person stop loving love him (her) Who would know that big 因为喜欢一个人而去关注她(他),因为爱一个人而去爱他(她)大谁又会知道


你知不知道我一直在喜欢着你?但是我又不敢告诉你因为我害怕会影响到你和他 ~~~

Dear Mine: Just for one reason, I love you so much. Nothing is impossible to a willing mind, love included. Therefore, day after day, I wonder why, I wonder how, I wonder where you are. Time to go, I want to tell you how much ...



Peng bin, 是个人名吧? I Like you, do you know? 就是, 我喜欢你, 你知道嘛? 整体就是, Peng bin, 我喜欢你 ,你知道吗?


Do you know that I love you, not because like you, but like with you together of feeling 你知道我爱你,不是因为喜欢你,而是喜欢和你在一起的感觉

这首歌是:Do you know where you`re going to 歌词如下: do you know where you`re going to do you like the things that life is showing you where are you going to do you know do you get what you`re hoping for when you look behind ...

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