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我有点冷 英语翻译

”我有点冷“英语翻译:I feel a little cold./I'm a little cold. cold 英 [kəʊld] 美 [kold] adj. 寒冷的;冷淡的,不热情的;失去知觉的 n. 寒冷;感冒 adv. 完全地 [ 比较级 colder 最高级 coldest ] 例句: I am cold. 我好冷。 Di...

有一点冷 It's a little cold;A Little Bit Cold 重点词汇 a little bit一点点 cold寒冷的; 冷淡的,无情的; 失去知觉的; 有冷感的,冷色的; 寒冷; 感冒,伤风; 双语例句 以下例句来源于网络,仅供参考 但对于大多数应用,比如做生物温度的变化...

I am very cold

I feel a little cold.

单句写作: 1、You couldn't imagine how cool it is here. (与外地朋友对话时最佳) 备注:here 也可用 in our district/region 等来代替,如果不喜欢副词表达的话。 2、It's very much cool the place we live in. (相当于直译)

I am very afraid of cold

非人称代词 it 可以指代天气、时间、距离、衡量、情况等,所以可以翻译为 It is very cold.

Don't you feel a bit cold to me recently? 望楼主采纳!

It's a little / a bit cold due to / owing to / because of yesterday's rain . It rained yesterday, so it is a bit / a little cold.

正确答案:Maybe I look cool, but I always care about you.,采纳不谢。

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