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我遇上麻烦了 用英语怎么说

我遇到麻烦事了 I got into trouble 而:我碰到了件麻烦的事情,这句话翻译: I've got a problem

我遇到一些麻烦 I have some trouble. trouble不可数名词

I met some trouble.

Success is what everyone expects.It may lead to fame and glory.When one suc ceeds in doing something,he gets so excited that he often neglects all the unsuccessful at tempts he has done. As the old saying goes,"Failure teaches ...

无论你遇到什么麻烦和困难,我一定会出现在你身边的。 Whatever you want, I will be with you. No matter what,if you got any trouble and difficulty, I 'll be there No matter what troubles or difficults are bothering you , I willbe...

I am sorry that you have trouble in making friends

I had a great weekend.I did my homework on Friday.On Satarday I went shopping and saw a movie with my friends.It was tired and interest.I watched TV with my parents on Satarday evening.I got up early and did some sprots on Sund...

杨丞琳 - 爱我请 Shut Up 很抱歉 我约好朋友 去遛遛小狗 没时间陪你罗哩罗嗦 你该回去继续工作 有空再联络 反复吵吵闹闹 我受够 现在我必须要踩刹车 停止这战火 我不是非你不可 限你三分钟 离开我的生活 别赖着不走 亲爱的 我们相爱了那么久 为...

我们经常在学习上遇到麻烦 We often have trouble in our study.

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