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I had expected (期望)to complete the job in time

在10月初,我们能够完成工作。 We can get the job done In early October,. we can finish the job In early October,. 两种都可以 我回答从简,希望帮到你 有疑问欢迎追问,或点击我头像向我求助 为表公平,【如有帮助】请采纳【正确】的【最...

From my thinking, I should have finished that task, but I really hadn't any time yesterday. From my thinking, I shoud have done that job, but I really hadn't any time yesterday.

他总是高质量而且按时完成工作 He is always high quality and works on time

中文:我希望你好好保重身体,快快乐乐地工作 英文:I hope you take good care of your health and work happily. 短语简介: 快快乐乐地工作work happily 好好保重身体take good care of your health 希望hope

I am very glad and honored to join the ** department. I will work harder to express my sincere thanks for our company's trust in me.

分析如下: 百万英镑课文翻译 讲述人:那是1903年的夏天。一对年老而富有的兄弟,罗德里克和奥利弗,打了一个赌。奥利弗相信一个有一百万英镑的人能够在伦敦生活一个月。他的哥哥罗德里克怀疑这一点。就在这个时候,他们看了见一个一贫如洗的年...

1.She is so dutiful and reliable for work that we are all assured to assign her tasks . 2.I am happy to see her growth .

你好! 我已经完成了计划的第一部分英文 I have already finished the first part of the English . 希望对你有所帮助。

我的祖父母住在一个安静的村庄:my grandparents live in a quiet village.

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