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之所以 是因为 用英语怎么说

The reason why ..... is because....... 例如 我之所以这样做是因为我爱你 The reason why I did that is because I love you. 祝你快乐 :)

reason for that ... The reason for her absence is that she is ill. 她之所以缺席是因为她病了

我之所以选择国际商务这个专业是因为,英语是:The reason why I choose this major ”international business“ is。 详细解释: reason 英[ˈri:zn] 美[ˈrizən] n. 原因; 理由; 理性; 理智; vt. 推理,思考; 争辩; 辩论; 向…解释; ...

你好。你之所以看不到黑暗,是因为有人正竭尽全力地把黑暗挡在你看不到的地方 翻译成英语是:The reason why you can't see the darkness is that some people are trying their best to keep the dark in the place you can't see. ——————希望...

人之所以能,是相信能 Why I can is because I believe I can.

The reason why I write the letter is that why 后面肯定是一般时态(现在,过去,或将来),that 后面看情况,一般情况:前面是过去时that后面就用过去时,前面现在时后面也现在时,前面一般将来时后面也一样。 望采纳,谢谢

Because of reading is interesting,I like do it. I like reading,because it's interesting. I like reading;Because, it's interesting. Reading is interesting,so I like it. Reading is interesting;So, I like it.

我之所以说是白日梦,是因为它不可能实现了 翻译成英语是: I say pipe dreams, because it is impossible to achieve

And  he said he is brave because he has a strong sense  of  responsibility.

我之所以想投稿是因为我想让中国的文化被世界人们有所了解对中国文化有很深刻的理解和兴趣爱好 The reason why I want to contribute is that I want to make Chinese culture known to people all over the world and have a deep understandin...

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