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之所以 是因为 用英语怎么说

The reason why ..... is because....... 例如 我之所以这样做是因为我爱你 The reason why I did that is because I love you. 祝你快乐 :)

Because of reading is interesting,I like do it. I like reading,because it's interesting. I like reading;Because, it's interesting. Reading is interesting,so I like it. Reading is interesting;So, I like it.

The reason why I like him because

之所以是因为_有道翻译 翻译结果: The reason is because because 英 [bɪ'kɒz] 美 [bɪ'kɔz] conj. 因为 Because 因为,由于,碍于 partly because 部分原因是 surely because 引导原因

我之所以选择国际商务这个专业是因为,英语是:The reason why I choose this major ”international business“ is。 详细解释: reason 英[ˈri:zn] 美[ˈrizən] n. 原因; 理由; 理性; 理智; vt. 推理,思考; 争辩; 辩论; 向…解释; ...

The reason why it is so popular is that it is very convenient . 祝学习进步,天天快乐!满意请采纳!有问题追问!谢谢!:)

The reason why I write to you is that ....

I think the reason why this problem arises is..

人之所以能,是相信能 Why I can is because I believe I can.

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