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EAting hABits?还是 EAting hABit

Eating habits

eating habits作主语时意思是饮食习惯,谓语动词用单数

有a用单数,没a用复数。 I have a good eating habit. I have good eating habits.

dietary habit 更地道!

eating是动名词作定语 eat是及物动词阿 你有见过动词直接作定语的咩~

My eating habits 我的饮食习惯 There are many bad eating habits,such as not having breakfast,eating too much snacks,only preferring some particular kinds of food,overeating and so on.In order to obtain good health,we should form...

不加ing,就是“吃”的意思,后面要接吃的东西,加了ing,变成名词,和吃有关的事情,如后面的习惯habit eating habits,和饮食有关的习惯,饮食习惯

My Eating Habits       Under the take care of my mother, my eating habit is very regular. I often eat porridge in the morning. Sometimes my mother will prepare some pickles for me. But sometimes I ...

希望可以帮到您,希望采纳,谢谢 :) My eating habits There are many bad eating habits, such as not having breakfast, eating too much snacks, only preferring some particular kinds of food, overeating and so on. In order to obtai...

eating habit in China 在中国的饮食习惯 双语例句 1. Beijing Barbecue can be traced back to the eating habit of the ancient nomads in North China. 北京烤肉能追溯到北方远古的游牧民。 2. China has a lot of snacks, but the meter bri...

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