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in A row

five times in a row:连续五次 in a row [英][in ə rəu][美][ɪn e ro] 一连; 成一行; 一字儿; 接连; 例句: 1、She sang four or five songs in a row. 她一连气儿唱了四五个歌。 2、That would make two defeats in a row. 这...

错了,row是横排,line才是行,列的意思,in a row……成一排

每一排3个 望采纳

five-in-a-row 英['faɪv'ɪn'eɪr'aʊ] 美['faɪv'ɪn'eɪr'aʊ] n.五子棋;

every two weeks 每两周一次 once in a while 偶尔 Twice a week once every other week

in turn,一个一个来(不一定按顺序) in sequence ,按顺序来 in order 整齐的 in line 主要强调排队或者排成一条线 in line with 和XX一起排队 in a line 在同一个队伍里 in a row 在同一横排

Range("a65536").End(3) 代表从 A65536 单元格往前查找到的第一个有数据的单元格 Range("a65536").End(3).Row 表示A列单元格最下面一个有数据的单元格的行号,假定最后使用的单元格行号为20,则 "a1:a" 与后面的连起来就表示"a1:a20"这些单元格...

原文:get one's ducks in a row 翻译:把某人的事情打理好 延伸例句: Please get all your ducks in a row before you go. 请你在离开前把所有事情都打理好。

This is an addicting puzzle game. Tap on a block to swap it with an adjacent block to match 3 or more blocks of the same color in a row to score points. There is no end to this game so just keep playing over and over again.


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