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iu唱的sAy you lovE mE原唱是谁

Don't you know that I want to be more than just your friend Holding hands is fine But I've got better things on my mind You know it could happen If you'd only see me in a different light Baby when we finally get together You wi...

IU 翻唱的Say you love me 已发送,请查收~

Into: E|-------0-*----------------------------*-------------| B|-----1---*--------8--t------6--t----3-*--3--5-------| G|---2-----*------7----a------5--a----4-*-------------| D|-3-------*----9------p------7--p------*------------...


Brightman(莎拉.布莱曼)>唱奥运主题歌的那人唱的 2...As Long As You Love Me 这...tzysliuyzf | 2014-04-29 0 0 用知道APP,免登陆...

G.NA ,她的


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