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on onE's wAy to 造句

On my way to the school, I found a wallet lying on the ground. 在去学校的路上,我看到地上有个钱包。

i on my way to yourhome


I was on my way to school when I met him.我见到他的时候,正在去学校的路上. On his way home,he saw a very beautiful bird.在回家的路上,他看都一直非常漂亮的小鸟.

He went out of his way to help others(精)(锐)

Thunder Bear will therefore have to fight his way through the forest. 雷霆熊因此要争取他的方式穿过森林。 In this action packed thrill ride, Shane must fight his way through a corrupt town and take the girl to safety. 在接下来的...

the sun is coming up now.i

He always goes out of his way to help me when I am in trouble.

to one's credit adv. 值得赞扬 双语例句 权威例句 免费口语 To his credit,he has admitted his mistakes. 值得表扬的是他认了自己的错误. To our credit ,he cleaned the rooms for the old. 值得我们赞扬的是,他为老人们打扫了房间. A good p...

to one's credit adv.值得赞扬。 双语例句: 1.A good personal credit generally to one's sincerity and reliability, etc. 好的个人信用通常指:诚信, 值得依赖等。 2.If anything one may find oneself enslaved to the credit institutions;...

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