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pay out 的意思: 付款,支付 报复,回报,惩罚 同义词: disburse pay out 1. To give (money) out; spend. 把(钱)花掉;花费 2. To let out (a line or rope) by slackening. 缓缓放松:通过放松使(绳或索)放出


paid out 释义 支付,付出; 借出款

pay in把钱存进银行 paid out向...报复;放出绳子;薪金,工资 pay up 工资增加 pay down 工资降低

pay out 1. give money付出钱 *You can either draw the money in monthly installments until it is exhausted,or you can be paid out here and now.你可以把钱分月提取,直到取完为止,也可以当场一次提完。 *He must have paid$ 50 out ...

B 是not ----until的固定搭配

dividend paid/ earnings

"Dividend payout ratio一般是在40%-60%"的意思就是公司拿出当年净利润中的40%-60%进行现金分红(派息) 而每股派息是一般公司为每股股息大概处于股价的5%为正常。。但是这两点只是一般来说,公司与公司不一样。比如处于成熟期的公司的派息率要...

事情已经完成,所以用现在完成时,had to do 是表示一般情况下都必须这样~

the trick (which) he played on me which在从句中作宾语,可以省去。

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