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whAt CAn i Do和 whAt i CAn Do有区别吗

what can I do? 是一句话,可以独立使用 what I can do?不是一句完整的话,一般配合其他成分使用,比如 Do you know what I can do?

what I can do是一个名词性从句,在由疑问词引导的从句中从句要用陈述句语序,因此是what I can do 而what can I do一般作为疑问句的一部分,要用疑问句的语序

what i can do 是疑问句; what i can do 一般做宾语从句

what can i do ?用于疑问句 what i can do?不可以单独使用,可当做从句,例 i don't know what i can do? 这里what i can do为宾语从句,所以倒装 望采纳

没有什么区别,后者只是因为重复省略了 do 而已。 英语中以后者更为常见。

what can I do for you .是问我能为你做什么。比如侍者对客人说what can I do for you.

我觉得是 要做什么吗我帮你 和 我能为你做什么都是一个意思。

I can play the piano very well,and I enjoy playing it.I can also sing and dance. I can't play the violin.I can't swim,either.It's difficult. The people I know are very kind to me.They help me with my problems,and I appreciate it.

回答可以是是: yes, I... 更客气点当然可以回答yes, please. I... 但是不能只回答一个yes, please. 就没有下文了。 问句应该用would you like to have soup, 此时回答才是 yes, i'd like to have XXX soup. 总之, what can I do for you? yes,...

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